TBT: New Beginnings


Yoho pirate fiends!

We here at Books, Boxes, and Baubles enjoy our memes, and throwbacks seem to be pretty popular. So we decided we’d like to take a book spin on “Throwback Thursday”! Each week will have a diferent theme/idea.  Join us in our endeavor by sharing a link to your TTT post in the comments and let’s share some oldies!  At the end of the post, we’ll also announce what we’ll be talking about next week!

I did some hunting and wasn’t able to find this but if you know of a meme that alredy exits please let us know.

In honor of January, today’s theme is…New Beginnings! Either a character in a book going through it or a book that you read during a turning point where you felt you were at a new start.  Continue reading