About Us

Two friends living on opposite sides of the country that share a love for reading, writing, and geeky things!

Kayla, also referred to as Kylana or K-Chan is living in the Seattle area.  Day job working in the real estate industry.  She also pet sits for extra money to feed these lovely hobbies.  She loves a wide variety of books but would say Nonfiction, Fantasy and YA are the default reads while TV shows it seems to be crime, current favorite is Criminal Minds.

Catherine, also known as Kitty or Neko-Chan is living in Alexandria, Virginia. She travels the country (dad is a contractor), taking care of her parents, and looking for spooky places to feed her overactive imagination and writing. Bibliophile by day, Crazy Cat Lady by night, Neko loves fantasy and historical fiction/nonfiction best but will give anything a try.