Book Review: Bigfoot Beach by Kristopher Rufty

Title: Bigfoot Beach

Author: Kristopher Rufty

Published: 2015/04/01

Genre: Horror (Is there a genre for so terrible it is funny?)

Rating: ★★★★


A bizarre, brutal murder. A missing woman. And a giant footprint in the sand. Now, the dying beach community known as Seashell Cove finally has a hook to attract the tourists—a Bigfoot on the beach! As the summer season winds down, the tourists go home and the town begins preparing for the colder months.

Soon, more strange footprints are found, other mysterious sightings are reported. Then the deaths begin. Could there really be a Bigfoot running loose in Seashell Cove?

A tracker with a personal agenda, the local sheriff, a hero whose fifteen minutes of fame expired a long time ago, and a female reporter looking for a scoop will team up to find out for sure.

My Thoughts

I don’t even know where to start… So my brother found this book on a Reddit horror literature board when I asked him if he knew of any horror books about or on the beach. Why the beach? The blind date Facebook club that I am had beach books for July, and I wanted horror because I wanted to read horror for some reason. So this book was decided on. I apologize profusely to my date, the synopsis was too good to pass up. My other reason for choosing this book and getting myself a copy was because of my favorite movies. Have any of you ever seen the weird science fiction movies that the SyFy channel used to play Saturday nights? I was raised watching these movies, things like Titanic II, Terminators, anything by Asylum? Well this book fits right in with the aforementioned group. I hope they make it into a movie one day, I would love for Asylum to get their hands on this baby.

Bigfoot has herpes. There that should be enough to get you all curious. And yes, I am serious. This is the first book I have read by Rufty but it is so horrible (in a really awesome way) that I doubt it will be my last. It reads like a kinda horny seventeen year old boy wrote it, though Rufty does attribute (blame) the premise on his kids imagination. It is pretty well written and I was somehow unable to put this monstrosity down. The gore is completely over done to the point of being laughable, the attempted sex scenes are thankfully brief and non-graphic, the plot is awesome, the execution incredible… There is just so much to this work of art. An abandoned mini-golf, a crazy mayor, sexually transmitted diseases, a child’s first taste of blood, and yes the bounty hunter who’s fate is tragically tied to the monster does indeed walkaway through smoke never to be seen again. I like to think he is now after the yeti who shared a torrid affair with is great aunt…

Honestly, for a horror story, there is no horror though there is a ton of gore which goes pretty well with America’s definition of horror now a days. So if scary is a deal breaker for you don’t worry about that. If ridiculousness is your go to for entertainment then give Bigfoot Beach a try! Just don’t blame me ^^

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