Book Review: Eyes without a Face by Betsy Ashton

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Title: Eyes without a Face

Author: Betsy Ashton

Published: 2018/02

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Thriller

Started: 2018/02/08

Finished: 2018/02/15

Rating:  ★★★★★




When her sorority sisters are engaged in sex, drugs, and rock and roll, the unnamed narrator finds her true calling in life when she kills her first victim. She doesn’t have a neon sign stating, “Warning, Serial Killer,” following her around. She delights in the realization that her role separates her from the people around her. A chameleon by nature, she exploits her ethic and sexual ambiguity to hide in plain sight. She kills up close and personal, because she wants her victims to know they are about to die. And she remains active for nearly three decades.

My Thoughts

This was an awesome read! Firstly because it is really well written/edited! Yeah I am a stickler for bad editing and I only found one or two issues in the entire book, which is beyond rare in books today.
Secondly, Ashton did her research! Our heroine (? lol) is believable! She is methodical, smart, superior, loving (to the right creature/people), she is just a whole ball of interesting! I love that in the beginning she makes a mistake here and there but learns from them so that next time her plan is that much more perfect. And she is so friggin’ superior! Especially towards the cops investigating the different crimes. Granted she has earned the right to this attitude rising from slums straight into medical school while her family remains the typical redneck-white-trash. I think my favorite part of our girl is that she is still capable of love. She loves her roommate like a true sister and is crushed when her brother murders her cat. So often serial killers are portrayed as completely heartless, and it is probably true for most, but it doesn’t mean they are all incapable of forming bonds.
To be honest, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the book, though be warned it is dark (duh), descriptive, and methodical!
All in all this was a great read and one I highly recommend to anyone who loves the CSI/Criminal Minds stuff, or is just looking for a how-to-book on murder ^_^

Anyone else read Betsy Ashton? What did you think?

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