End of the Month Wrap-Up: February


Guys! I can’t believe we’re already into March!  So much reading down but so much more to go. Here is how we did. 


So I’ve been reading a lot.  This month was full of a ton of re-reads though so nothing too crazy. I did much better this month on reviews but would still like to get more done so watch out for those 🙂  I had a couple books I listened to via audiobook this month that I really want to do reviews on but have so many quotes I want to include so I have to wait til I buy the physical copy. Perhaps I’ll do a re-read when I buy them and review them then.

I did drop one book this month and that was The Shinning by Stephen King.  I tried physical, I tried audio and I just couldn’t get into it. Perhaps it’s timing or just not a good starter book for me for Stephen King.  I’ll try again at some point.



How did you guys do last month?

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