End of the Month Wrap-Up: January


Wow! It’s already the end of January! Don’t know about you guys, but this snuck up on me… Oh well, on with the wrap-up!!


Oh wow. I think I read a lot more this month because of the bibliothon. I know I spent that week reading in every moment of downtime I had and listening to audiobooks as well.  I didn’t read all the books on my TBR but ended up finishing a total of 26 books.  Still Me barely made it in since it only came out on the 30th but it was so good (review soon!) that I finished it in 2 days.

I did however fail to get as many reviews up this past month so I’m going to put a review schedule up for myself and get either books from Jan up or books I’m reading, the goal will be 2-3 a week.  So look forward to one soon!



















Buddy Read


Alanna the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce – ★★★★.5 Review


I almost made it through my TBR then got sick middle of January and Monster Hunter World came out so I was too busy saving you all from horrible creatures to read much… Anyone buying that last bit? And apparently I only got two reviews written… Bad Neko…



I didn’t make it through this month’s…




See my review on the first book in the series and you will know why I didn’t continue on…


14 thoughts on “End of the Month Wrap-Up: January

  1. Wonderful wrap-up! you both read so many books! It’s been years since I read Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson novels. I audiobooked the first 6 books then burned out lol, may have to return to that world someday soon 🙂 Tamora Pierce is a new to me author, I picked up a copy of Tempests of Slaughter but would really like to read her Alana Quartet before reading it. LOVED Eliza & Her Monsters, need more Francesca Zappia & I had no idea Me Before You was a series now. I really enjoyed the first book so I’m definitely going to have to check out the 2nd book. Looks like you had a quality reading mth Kayla & Neko I’ll take you saving us from the monsters over reading any time 😉

    Happy reading! ❤ ❤ ❤


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