Subscription Box: Singles Swag


Today we at Books, Boxes, and Baubles bring you our first Subscription Box Unboxing of the new year! 

I found Singles Swag through a deal on, can’t remember what the deal was though… Oops! Anyways, I got a three month subscription to try out and this was January’s box!


While I probably could have gotten this through their actual website I used, which is also where I got my NocturnalReader’s Box subscription last year. So above is the box it comes in! Yay, mail for Kitty! Below is the nifty tissue paper wrapped about everything.


I take awesome photos I know. Next we have the card explaining everything in our new box.


Sorry for the shadows! Still trying to get the hang of this photography stuff! And now for the stuff!


  1. So Susan Afterglow Illuminator – haven’t tried it yet actually… I haven’t been wearing makeup because my skin is so dry and contrary right now… I will update when I give it a go!
  2. Vera Bradley Color Bright Coloring Book – I have never actually tried the whole “adult coloring” thing and figured I should give it a go. Sadly a good portion of the pages were just too abstract for me to figure out how to color… That sounds strange I know but I couldn’t figure out what belonged to what… But I eventually found a pretty flower page and started coloring. More on that experience in another post!
  3. Laritzy Eyeshadow Palette – I love fawns and neutral colors so this group was definitely a surprise! All beautiful colors that I will give a go when my skin sorts out.20180103_201859
  4. Belgian Boys De Liege Waffle – Dry and not that great with funky sugar on top! I thought heating then drowning it in butter and syrup might help, mom figured jam, dad was good with either, and being me, I just popped the rest in my mouth and was done. So much for adventure…
  5. Seraphine Botanical Hydrating Body Butter – It smells awesome! Passion fruit and mango are truly divine together but it is not hydrating in the least… Still it smells so  good…!
  6. Jewels By Durrani Wishbone Necklace – It’s a cute little, sterling silver wishbone! And while I hate sterling silver, I’m thinking of putting it on my necklace with the anatomical heart my folks gave me ^_^ yay for body parts!!
  7. NPW Sketch It Coloring Pencil Set – These pencils are nice colors and have funny name like #DoodleWand and #WhatEvenIsAHashTag. I like them and they gave me an opportunity to color with Vera so yay! Not sure what else to say about them… …

Overall Thoughts: I’m on a three month subscription that came out to $30 and some change. It’s a cute box with some fun stuff but I will not be renewing my subscription after March though I do think thirty is a fair price for what I received. Also, while I didn’t think there would be an actual book in this box, I feel kinda jiped, lol!

Anyone else have a subscription to SinglesSwag? What did you think? Anyone interested in getting a subscription? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you guys!!



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