End of the Year Wrap-Up…!

End of the Year

Wow our first year of Blogging has come to an end! Today we are going to wrap-up all of our goals for the past year and final thoughts! 


Goal: 12
Results: I stopped counting at 40.
Thoughts: I am including all fantasy though. I noticed a lot of urban fantasy this year.  It was only about 1/3 of my books so I’m happy, I think I need to cut down the number a bit more next year though.  We shall see.




2017 Audiobook Challenge
Goal: 12
Results: 37
Thoughts: Safe to say I think I exceeded this one.  I do a lot of driving and try and listen to audiobooks whenever I can’t read and typically most of my nonfiction books are audio.




Goal: 60
Results: 142
Thoughts: I hit my goal about halfway through the year, maybe a little before. I considered upping my goal but wasn’t sure I could be consistent the rest of the year.

Apparently I read around 45,000 pages.  I don’t remember if I had a set goal on my blog but a friend and I tried to make sure to read one nonfiction book a month and I had about 38.  Yay!


Goal: 20
Results: ahahahahahaha all but maybe ten of the books I read this year were fantasy of some kind…
Thoughts: I would say I need to branch out a bit more in my reading but this genre makes me happy!




Goal: 120
Results: 138
Thoughts: I actually upped my challenge limit twice… and most of this was done in the first six months of the year too… Wow!

I read approximately 44,061 pages this year! Woot! That is a lot of dead trees… I am also a mass tree murderer… Woot again!




So did you guys meet your goals? Any goals for next year? Tell us in the comments so we can join too!!



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