Top Ten Tuesday…!

top-ten-tuesdayThis week TheBrokeandtheBookish is Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit


So I’m pretty sure a lot of what I have listed Neko will agree with.  I can’t wait to see what she adds to her portion though!

  • Wizarding World – Is it bad that my first reasoning is because I really want to try a lot of the candy and drinks? Butterbeer! Pumpkin Juice!  Chocolate Frogs that have a jump in them.  I also just love the idea of magic and would love to be part of that.
  • Valdemar – I feel like this is always on my list but I’d love to be in Valdemar, in the actual city or preferably as a Herald so I get my companion.  I wouldn’t mind being part of some of the other parts of the world either.  Birds are pretty cool too.
  • Middle Earth – This has such a soft spot in my heart, not only was it something I grew up with but my first convention was Lord of The Rings where the hotel cafe had themed food. It was great!
  • Caraval – I don’t think I’d want to participate but I think it’d be fun to attend as a spectator!
  • Mercyverse – It would be dangerous but we all love urban fantasy for all that extra adventure right?


  • Universe – Yup Me and Marvin would be depressing it up all across the known ‘Verse but especially at the end of the universe… I love those books XD
  • Fairy Tale Land – Any fairy tale to be honest but the dark, twisty retellings would be even better, though Wonderland has always been pretty twisted… Just saying 🐱
  • Kingdom Hearts – Any of these worlds accept for Atlantis… Who else hated the bloody music portion in game 2(Maybe?)? Gummi Ship awaaaaaaaaaaay! (And there is a manga so this one counts XD)
  • H.P. Lovecraft’s Mind – Still have so much to read but man his mind… I thought Mine was messed up… Plus who wouldn’t want to worship Cthulhu? He gives you a quick death if you do and added perk for any who worship the dark lord

So what places were on your list? Any of ours make your lists? Let us know in the comments!

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