Review Time… Convenience!


Title: Convenience

Author: Andrew Mackay

Published: 2017/11/17

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Graphic

Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Synopsis: You’ll never want to use a public restroom ever again.
Meet Willy gee.
He’s the public restroom janitor at the Kaleidoscope shopping mall.

His is a workplace where civilians go to relieve themselves.
Where babies get changed. 
Where strangers go to play…
… and a host of bodily fluids go to rest.

Willy is great at his job.
He keeps everything in working order.
Until today.

Come spend the day with Willy on his day shift.
He’s losing his mind…
… in the very last place you’d want a mind to get lost.

You’ll love this vomitorium of despair, repulsion and psychological terror.

Will you be able to finish Convenience

… or will it finish you?

My Thoughts: Wow where do you even begin? This book slaps you in the face from the get go! There is magically growing poop, urine, vindictive and used tampons, vomit, glory holes, crack, weed, swearing, and pretty much anything else you could think of. No I’m serious, if you can imagine it, it is painted in this book in disgustingly descriptive, and vivid, words. Anyone remember way back on February 1st when I reviewed Nasty Little F******? This book makes the happy, peace loving grubs seem like a children’s story, lol!

I give the book a 4/5 because the writing is so picturesque. Sadly feces, urine, and vomit make me nauseous to read about (I can’t handle it in real life either, some nurse I am lol), so it was a hard book to work through but you really have to hand it to the author and his desire to fight the good fight and not hide the dirty truth of what goes on in public restrooms. It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next! The coolest part of the piece is that it takes place over one shift. An entire book over one shift! It’s a lot packed into 168 pages, you gotta take the breathers where you can when the protagonist does, because more yit is going to hit the fan before you know it. (Well if the fan was actually working that is…!)

Now for the 4/5! This book is definitely not for everyone, the vivid language is why I gave it four. And there were these little, kinda random sentences that bugged me, but you all know how anal I am =^_^= which is why I knocked off one star. Overall it was a very interesting read! Just not for everyone.

I’m curious to read more of Mackay’s work, hopefully there will be less poopy, so keep an eye out for more of this brazen author! And if you are into the disgusting and disturbing check out Convenience released today!


Anyone else read any of Mackay’s works? What did you guys think? Were they shocking? Or is this old hat for you guys? Tell me in the comments!!

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