How I Fund my Book Buying Addiction Part 2


Hey Fellow Book Nerds!

I’m always curious how people fund their book buying or other habits, if it’s something they just use extra money from a job or if other things are being done so I thought I’d share a little about that for myself.

My newest find is this website called Swagbucks!  I started a month or so ago and have been trying to master the best way to make money on it, mostly passive.  Last month I made roughly $100.


  • Run the chrome addon, if your able to start at midnight do it then
  • Go to discover page and click on ‘explore web content and earn’ then click on any of the engagemetv links, let it play while your sleeping. It does need to be the main tab clicked on so it doesn’t work well when awake unless your out and about.
  • Aim for the daily goal, the 2nd of the following month you’ll get a nice bonus that you can cash out.
  • buy giftcards for places you already shop at (for me it’s petco, movie theater, etc) then you’ll get a little cash back for those
  • Do the daily checklist
  • If your near the end of the month hold off on cashing out if you already have already, you get one $25 giftcard for $22 (as long as it’s not paypal) which is even more savings!

Is this is something people want to pick up and want more tips, I could do a post on how I use swagbucks on an average day with screenshots to make it easier.  Let me know!

Are you already signed up? Did you sign up?  If you use my link and make 300 points, the 5th of the next month we both will get 300 more points! That’s $3 for free!

What do you do to fund your book buying addiction? I’m always looking for more things to add to my list to try out! Let me know if you’d like me to do more posts of this type in the future.

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