NetGalley Book Review: Enlightenment (The Driel Trilogy #1) 


Enlightenment (The Driel Trilogy #1)Title: Enlightenment (The Driel Trilogy #1)

Author: Liz Keel

Published: April 18, 2016

Pages: 190

Version: E-Book

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Rating: 4/5



Goodreads Synopsis:

After losing everything, all seventeen-year-old Thea wanted was to be a normal teenager. Instead, she was attacked by a mysterious creature she thought only existed in fairy tales. Now thrown into the unknown realm of Faey, Thea is forced to determine the difference between reality and fantasy, in a world ruled by a dark elite and a society wracked by intolerance and prejudice.
With the support of her new friends and a mysterious dark haired, blue-eyed guardian watching her every move, Thea will discover that when it comes to Faey, nothing is what it seems. Will her courage and desire to save this new world from darkness be enough? Or will Thea be the next victim to fall to the dark whispers of fate…

My Thoughts:

Another NetGalley read for me!

Personally I have mixed feelings for this book. I’m giving it 4 stars because I can’t do 3.5 and it doesn’t deserve a 3. This was an easy read, and while I wasn’t broken up about putting it down to get other things done I also didn’t find myself looking for things to do as an excuse to take a break from it.

The plot line is one I’ve seen before but I’m curious to see where Liz takes this, if it follows the more traditional path or if she’ll go a new route. Fingers crossed for something a little new and exciting.

My only complaint is the instalove. I think if done right it is fine but this one just felt off to me.

All in all, no regrets about picking this book up and I’d be open to reading the next one but probably won’t look for it.

4 thoughts on “NetGalley Book Review: Enlightenment (The Driel Trilogy #1) 

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