Throwback Thursday Themes…


This week’s theme is: Favorite Self-Help/Improvement Book Read!


Being Happy!

Being Happy! By Andrew Matthews

This was on a booklist that I started pulling books off of many years ago. I actually bought a few copies after reading it and sent it to a couple family members. I….may have also left a copy at work in the little library area.  I have no idea where my personal copy is and will have to buy another for my own library 🙂

I think this book is simple yet profoundly easy to understand.  I took away many things from this.  It’s very self help meets the comics, lots of pictures/comic bits to compliment the writing.


Get Glad - Your Practical Guide To A Happier Life

Get Glad by Harry Hoover

Good book with lots to take away. I was also a good reminder that, even with depression, you can choose to be happy and must make that choice yourself. I highly recommend it to anyone feels like they are drowning 🐱

What about you guys?

Next Week’s Theme IS: Favorite Book You Have Read So Far This Year!

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