Throwback Thursday Themes…


This week’s theme is: A Book That Makes You Smile!



The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, Dan Hanna

My mom actually showed this to me when I was visiting several years ago via a youtube video. Of course she cries every time she shares this with anyone but it makes me smile.  I recently found the book and gave it to her as a gift for the kids (she runs a daycare).


Amelia Bedelia  (Amelia Bedelia #1)

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

I loved these books! And my poor dad could not read them, which made everything even funnier! He would get so annoyed, he hated  reading them but pumpkin always gets what she wants! I think dad is glad that I am older now…

Next Week’s Theme IS: A Book You Wish You Had Read!

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