My Trip To New Orleans

New Orleans TripHey Everyone!!!!

I hope May is treating you well.  Sorry for the quiet blog but I was out of town for a business conference and spent my free time exploring the wonderful city of New Orleans since I’d never been there.

I thought I’d share a couple of the highlights with everyone, it probably won’t the prettiest of posts but if you want to see more photos you can follow me on Instagram.

Also, the business I’m starting has a survey going for those in the US on their experiences with tech services.  I’d love to get some input from people here if possible, survey closes soon and we’ll be doing a raffle for an amazon/starbucks giftcard.  You can also follow us on our mailing list and see more of what we’re doing by going here.

First of all the city is beautiful, I wish we’d had a bit more time to explore further out but we lucked out.


We had so much food it was crazy.  I wish I could bring it all back with me but it’s Bakery Bar 2probably a good thing I can’t.  We found the best pizza I’ve had to date. We also found this cute little bar that felt a little like home, it’s called the Bakery Bar, and it’s exactly as advertised, baked goods and drinks. OMG. I think we went there 3 times and the last time was for breakfast on May 4th and they even had themed drinks.  I should also mention they had sailor moon playing on the tv the night before and had board games.




Of course then there was the Conference, which was Collison, we went there to network and learn and while it wasn’t exactly as expected we still came home with a lot of notes and some good connections and some ideas on how to tackle it next year. We also had a booth for a day which was a fun new experience.






I will say our send off was pretty great, while we were waiting for our car somebody decided to do some sky writing.

see ya


How has may treated you guys so far?  I’ll work on getting some reviews out soon!


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