Top Ten Tuesday…

top-ten-tuesdayThis week TheBrokeandtheBookish traumatizes us with Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book. Let the horrors begin…


  1. Author Rep: If the author is known for a bad personality, for trashing people, genders or anything like that I won’t buy a book from that author.  I’m not typically in the know on this things but if I do I just can’t support them.
  2. Genre: I’ve got a few genres that would take a lot of push to try.
  3. Friends: If I have a friend who has read and hated the book and we have similar taste I’ll probably not pick up a book unless it really makes me curious.
  4. Reviews: Both on Goodreads and Amazon I’ll look to see what people say.
  5. How many books are out: I’m typically one to wait to read a book in a series until at least a few if not all the books are out so I don’t have to wait for them, especially with a first book because some authors are fast but others can take years to get books out.  I’m not the most patient person.


  1. Best Sellers List. Yup, even though several of the books I have recently enjoyed have been really popular I usually avoid these titles like the giant ball of fire in the sky. Too many of these books are just hype with no backing; one person says “This is the greatest thing ever!” so people just repeat it, bad sheeple.
  2. Authors. I suck so bad, I judge! I JUDGE! But I’m really glad I didn’t recognize that the author for Succubus Blues was the same as Vampire Academy or I would have missed out on a good book. I still won’t promise not to judge, I’m looking at you Paula Hawkins (I keep gravitating towards Into the Water, but I’m still too traumatized by The Girl on the Train)
  3. Goodreads. I like to check out the rating and reviews of new books before I grab them and Goodreads actually turned me off of Gone Girl, A Man Called Ove, etc and Gone Girl was a great read. I’m not married to checking the site or anything but it still gives me a good indicator of how I will like something.
  4. Genre. ROMANCE! Not happening. If it is found in the Romance section it is not happening. It just won’t. I do like romance in stories but not Romance stories. And Erotica is always good for a laugh but I usually avoid it too =^_^=
  5. Price. Yup, Neko is broko. I want so many books but that price tag, especially for a hardback or those large paperbacks. Why is it $16 just because they printed larger margins? And over $30 for hardbacks? How about $20 for a new Ebook? If it comes down to paying the rent or getting a book, well… Prices are ridiculous! And are seriously hurting the brick and mortar stores, the industry over charges when I bet they could sell more if they were a bit cheaper.

So what is a deal breaker for you guys? Let us know in the comments!


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