Review Time… The Hunger Games!


Why yes I did choose the above pic intentionally, as in “I will enjoy a nice cold coffee while you all starve and fight to the death”. Neko has issues, and enjoys everyone one of them. So today I bring you The Hunger Games! And boy it was not what I expected… 

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Title: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Published: 2008/09/14

Version: Paperback

Pages: 374

Started: 2017/04/20

Finished: 2017/04/21

Rating: Image result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw print

Goodread Synopsis: The nation of Panem, formed from a post-apocalyptic North America, is a country that consists of a wealthy Capitol region surrounded by 12 poorer districts. Early in its history, a rebellion led by a 13th district against the Capitol resulted in its destruction and the creation of an annual televised event known as the Hunger Games. In punishment, and as a reminder of the power and grace of the Capitol, each district must yield one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 through a lottery system to participate in the games. The ‘tributes’ are chosen during the annual Reaping and are forced to fight to the death, leaving only one survivor to claim victory.

When 16-year-old Katniss’s young sister, Prim, is selected as District 12’s female representative, Katniss volunteers to take her place. She and her male counterpart Peeta, are pitted against bigger, stronger representatives, some of whom have trained for this their whole lives. , she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.

My Thoughts: I have to start by saying that, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this book… I went into the reading knowing I would hate it, that it would be a dumb Y.A. book, It was not! But I love horrible dystopians and Battle Royale soo… On with the review!
The 12 (13) different districts were great! Each one had a unique specialty and geography that would ultimately help or hinder its chosen sacrifices. I’m still trying to figure out how making pretty things in District 1 produced such brutal Careers, other than they had enough to eat and what not, but it did. I guess I just don’t expect someone name Glimmer to be blood thirsty but that may simply be me associating everyone with that name back to SheRa’s friend.
The brutality and hopelessness was also great! I know, I have issues. But Collins did a good job showing how much people despaired, the mask contestants wore during the interviews, and just how messed up everyone was.
And the ending! Oh my gosh! I was trying not to scream at 3am! Let’s fake it one more time! Noo!! Yes, we are building a love triangle but but! Peeta didn’t even give her a chance to talk to him, how is she supposed to know that he wasn’t acting? Obviously Gale has feelings for her, that are reciprocated whenever she stops to think for a moment. But still!!! That was heart breaking to read, Peeta is crushed. Gale must be super confused/angry. AAAAGH! No idea if I am team Peeta or not, I just wish he would give Katniss a minute to think without the fear of death hanging over her head.
Finally the book, as always, was so much better than the movie! District 12 seemed so much more unified in the book, more humane than the movie showed. But I always hate the bloody movies so what else is new? Definitely going to continue the series, not the movies though, to see how everything works out.
Surprisingly there really wasn’t anything I didn’t like. It’s a good book and if you haven’t given it a try yet and dystopian is your thing then grab a copy.

So who wants to starts some games with Neko? I call playing dead in the mud ^_^

Anyone else read The Hunger Games? What did you think? Are the odds ever in your favor?

4 thoughts on “Review Time… The Hunger Games!

  1. Hi there ! I never normally do this but I had to comment and tell you how much I adore your blog! I just came across it now and I am so happy I have, it is so wonderful and you truly have a great blog. I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with all of your latest posts. Keep up the great work!


    • Wow thank you so much! We love comments too, so tell us what you think if we’ve read the same books or you have recommendations! Neko loves recommendations =^_^=

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      • Aww you are so welcome! You have a wonderful blog. Do you have Twitter or Instagram? I just made accounts and would love to follow you! And of course I will! Thanks (:


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