Monday’s Musings…


Neko who has a-neck-yo is back again with some musings… What do you guys do when you really don’t like a book but are asked for your honest thoughts?

Yup, I wrote a review and the author didn’t like it. Not going to say when or which book/author just kinda trying to feel my way in the world with you all.

I know to be polite, but not pointing out what is wrong or why you didn’t like something is unfair to the author. How else will they know what readers think? And they asked me for my HONEST thoughts. Again, I know not to be rude and to temper the good with the bad. I read reviews where people just rip a book apart, and while some are very funny, I also know that is not helpful (even if it is worded in an amusing way).

I actually talked to my mom about it; I had written a pretty pithy review and I really didn’t like the title. She reminded me that they want an honest opinion, I’ve even had authors ask me to give them the good and the bad so they can improve in the future…

Constructive criticism shouldn’t cause someone to lash out at you… I just have a hard time with all the kid glove attitude… I wasn’t raised with it. As a musician (and in English classes) I wanted to know what could be improved upon. “It’s good” doesn’t tell me anything, I want people to dig and tell me what to improve on. And I love critiquing things! It’s a real passion of mine, as is helping people. If you don’t want the truth why ask for it?

Aaaaaaagh! (

So what have you guys done when you get a nasty or negative response to a review you wrote? Also do you guys send your reviews to the authors/publishers/requesters when you are finished? I do… Should I not unless they ask me to? Most of them seem appreciative to see what I wrote… What do you guys think? What do you do? Guide me!!

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