5 Geeky Items That Tempt My Wallet

Geeky Items I Adpre

Hey Book Nerds!

I thought it might be fun to switch things up and do a post not on books for once but on the geeky things we love.  See below for 5 items that I’ve been considering buying or actually have bought.

These Harry Potter earrings can be found here. They are totally in my shopping cart right now waiting to be bought.  These could be worn to a tech conference….right? 🙂



Does anyone else think they must own this after seeing them? I did, also in my cart….


These are so freaking cute.  I have another set I really want to buy but I can’t find them at the moment.  I’ll have to make another post just on geeky earrings later. 🙂




This isn’t something I’d buy for myself but I think it’s a great gift for somebody. It’s cute and since the movies pretty much anyone would understand.

How cute is this?!?! You could totally wear this and still have a very nice professional look in a more casual environment or when walking into the office. 

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