Monday’s Musings…


Neko is musing again. Never a safe thing for sure… But today I am wondering what you guys read when in a certain mood.

So I’ve been down and out for a few weeks, having a hard time kicking this funk I’m in…

Really don’t want to read guy and girl meet, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after right now so… What books do you guys recommend? What gets you back into the world of the living? A specific genre? A specific book? Or author?

Seriously help me out here, I need something to take my mind off of things and all of the books I grab seem to be happy! Neko doesn’t want happy… Almost done with Gone Girl, is Eleanor and Park going to be happy sappy? Should I put it off? How about the Hunger Games? Or Twilight? Anyone read those? Good for a funk or will I just want to hurt myself?

Tell me in the comments! I need some inspiration here… Help a poor bookish cat out!


5 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings…

  1. I loved Eleanor & Park! Wouldn’t really call it a happy read because a lot of stuff is pretty shitty going on in that book but it still leaves you with nice feels even though a lot of people weren’t that happy about the ending….


  2. I wouldn’t recommend reading Hunger Games when you are already down. It took me like 2 weeks to feel like life was worth it. Might I recommend the book Lily and the Octapus. Kind of a gloomy book but also funny. Or A Man Called Ove. It does end happy, but you can comisiserate with the really depressed characters but also get a few laughs.


    • “It took me like 2 weeks to feel like life was worth it.” this made me laugh. Will hold off on Hunger Games for a bit! And I nearly grabbed a Man Called Ove, it sounded interesting. Will look into Lily and the Octopus! Thanks for the suggestions!!

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