Top Ten Tuesday… Fandoms!


Ooh the BrokeandtheBookish picked a great one this week!
As always with the two of us here will be splitting the ten in half between us.
This week’s Top Ten is… Top Ten Fandoms I Am In! Let’s see what kind of geeks lurk behind the scenes here at Books, Boxes, and Baubles…


  • Criminal Minds:
    • I LOVE this show.  I have watched and re-watched this show countless times.  Anyone who likes crime type shows probably loves this show.  If I have a boy in the future his name may be Spencer.
  • The Tales Videogames.
    • These videogames are to me like what Final Fantasy is for most people.  I’ve enjoyed so
  • Big Bang Theory
    • This is the show I watch when I NEED to laugh, when I need something to pick me up from a crappy day or just need something to relax and watch.
  • Doctor Who
    • Any others here? I am a little behind but I enjoy this and have some earrings I’m eyeing that are this kinda geeky.
  • RENT The Musical
    • Some of you may know I love this movie/musical.  I first saw it in theaters many moons ago and was hooked.  Anytime somebody said they hadn’t seen it I proceeded to take them to watch it.  It was just the perfect excuse to see it again! I’ve seen it live 4-5 times as well. I also have a tattoo inspired from the quote “Forget regret or life is yours to miss”
  • Special Mentions (Because who can stop at 5!…And so many fandoms!): Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (who didn’t grow up reading HP Fanfics!), Patricia Briggs Mercy-verse, Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar World….and I’m sure I’m forgetting something.


  1. Supernatural
    • I got into this fandom about… Gosh, almost nine years ago! I was looking for something scary to watch at night (no I did not sleep after watching the first few eps) and this sounded like it would fit that bill.  I may not be caught up with the show, I’m a few seasons behind actually… But Bobby can call me an idjit any ol’ day of the week! Or Cass! Or Crawley!
  2. Naruto
    • Neko a Narutard? Totally! This fandom I have been a part of for the fifteen odd years it has been running! I’m working my way through Shippuden on CrunchyRoll right now! 1/4 of the way there and loving every minute of it! I need some serious tutoring from Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Jiraiya-sama, and Ibiki. Why Ibiki? Well why not? He’d been awesome to work with! And yes I do have both a Konoha and Otogakure Hitai-ate.
  3. Mario
    • This fandom is in my blood. My mom actually played the original while pregnant with me; like I said, we take gaming very seriously in my family! And if I get told one more time that my princess is in another castle I’m leaving her to Boswer! Infact, he can keep her! Wario and Bowser Jr. totally take the cake! Or any of the Bowser kids! Adoption is a good thing guys ^_^
  4. Zelda
    • Same as above although I never could get anywhere with Zelda 1 and 2… I was too young and they were too hard… But! Hey Listen! The moon! It has a face! And the world is ending! Agatha is freaking me out by not letting me leave. Goron nipples? Why? WHY?! And someone please hide me from the Zora princess!!
  5. Persona
    • A little Satanism never hurt anyone! My bro introduced me to this fabulous series after I came home from a bad breakup with Uni and the music world… If anyone has played Persona 3 they will probably understand why my mom was less than thrilled with my summoning my persona considering how depressed I was… I can do it!  Mara is just a misunderstood goddess of love. And if you would just die for Alice, it really would make her day. Izanagi may have been my first but Thanatos will always have a special place in my black heart ^_^ Oh and no you don’t have the courage to eat that pudding…

So what fandoms are you guys a part of? Are you into any of ours? Share in the comments! We love to find new things that take up way too much time ^_^


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