Books, Boxes, and Video Games?

Books, Boxes and VideoGames-.png

Yup, we are so hard core that we play video games too! 

I know Kayla is addicted to Pokemon but beyond that I’m not too sure what she plays… Zelda for sure but… Hmmm… A mystery to be solved one of these days!

Neko on the other hand (who writes in the third person, go figure), just started the first Uncharted and has completed everything in Infamous Second Son except for the actual game… Shiny collecting is such a hard vice to quit.

Besides Uncharted and Infamous, I really want to get the new Kingdom Hearts bundles on Amazon, Hyper dimension Neptunia, the last three or so Atelier games, Persona 5 (this comes out tomorrow but I am too poor! Nooo!), I think I am also missing a Tales of games, and…

Wow I am just not up to date on the new titles! First thing after getting a job, or maybe second, will be getting my hands on a Nintendo Switch. It’s pretty much anathema not to play Zelda and Mario in our household.

I also have the second and third parts of the Etzio trilogy in Assassin’s Creed, and Yakuza 3. Man I have some serious game time incoming! Gonna have to balance book reading with video games, never an easy task!


So what kind of games do you guys play? Do you have a favorite system? Are First Person Shooters more you kinda thing? Let us know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Books, Boxes, and Video Games?

  1. Our blog has been nearly abandoned since we got the Switch. Breath of the Wild is AMAZING. I seriously havent read a book in a week. That’s practically a year in my life.
    We are a Nintendo family all the way. We inherited a play station and my husband won’t let me play it when he’s home. He feels like it’s like cheating on Mario. But I like playing Little Big Planet. I’m such a reel right?


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