End of the Month Wrap up…!


It’s that time again! Time to Wrap it on Up!

Let’s see what kind of trouble our devilish duo got up to this month!

Kayla: Guys I have to apologize for contributing the minimum this month and I’ll probably be reading even less next month.  Starting a business with a friend and between that and a full time job I just haven’t had as much free time.  Hopefully that will change soon!  Here is what I read this month, I think 80 percent was within the first week and a half of the month and only a couple at the end.

The Startup Checklist: The 25 Steps to a Scalable, High Growth Business by David S. Rose
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
Yes My Accent is Real by Kunal Nayyar
My Healer (Bewitched & Bewildered #3) by Alanea Alder
Justice Calling (The Twenty Sided Sorceress) by Annie Bellet
Murder of Crows (The Twenty Sided Sorceress #2) by Annie Bellet
Pack of Lies (The Twenty Sided Sorceress #3) by Annie Bellet
Alpha & Omega Books 1-4 by Patricia Briggs
The Lean Startup by Eric Reiss
Ensnared by Rita Stradling – Review Here
Geekerella by Ashley Poston – Review Here
Hunting Season (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress #4) by Annie Bellet


Neko Who Got Wrecked Yo: (I’m adorable, love me!)

So didn’t get through a whole bunch this month… I think only two of my TBR actually… What with a death in the family, moving, and getting sick there just wasn’t the time or inclination to read or do anything really… But April will be better! This I vow!! And this last week I have been able to catch up on some of the requests we have gotten so I don’t feel so bad about slacking on my TBR, I’ll just finish those next month ^_^
And I’ve actually been getting my reviews written (At least the important ones…)! Score and a half!!

My Books and Reviews:

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs – Review Coming
Millie’s Angel by Kim Petersen – Review
Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs – Review Coming
Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs – Review Coming
Fair Game by Patricia Briggs – Review Coming
Mastering Your Career Journey by Multiple – Review
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – Review
Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco – Buddy Read Review Coming
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead – Review
Everything is Normal: Life and Times of a Soviet Kid by Sergey Grechishkin – Review
Maggie Elizabeth Harrington by D. J. Swykert – Review
Sent from Heaven by Dee Dee M. Scott – Review
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me by Multiple – Review
Humanity’s Hope by Pembroke Sinclair – Review

Okay, so fourteen books… Not too shabby after all! This was a diverse lot compared to the Neko Norm. I’m growing you guys! And only missing a few reviews, unlike last month… And I am still on target for getting 100 books read this year! And… Yeah, I’ma go write me some reviews! Until next month you guys, stay bookish!


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