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Yay more reviews! Neko is actually staying on top of it this month! Will her diligent trend continue? Probably not, but we can always hope for the best XD

Today I bring you a Review Request from Dee Dee M. Scott called Sent from Heaven. This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review and thusly will contain SPOILERS henceforth!

Sent From Heaven (Ahsyad Publication Presents...)
Title: Sent from Heaven

Author: Dee Dee M. Scott

Published: 2013/12/27

Pages: 259

Version: EBook

Started: 2017/03/28

Finished: 2017/03/29

Rating: Image result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw print

Goodreads Synopsis: Best-selling romance author Maya Smith’s life is far different from the characters she creates in her novels. Left to raise a baby without the assistance of the married father, she has given up on finding a prince on a white horse to rescue her.
Enter Cardiologist and single father, Ford Tucker. Dr. Tucker is all work and no play. He has dedicated his life to work and raising his daughter. When Ford becomes Maya’s Cardiologist, he is instantly smitten with her.
Sparks fly and the passion’s hot as ever between the two. But just when Ford thinks he has finally found Ms. Right, and Maya thinks she’s found her prince, a devastating secret is revealed that will rock the core of their relationship. Will their bond survive the terrible secret? Or will Ford end up alone and Maya prince less?

My Thoughts: I want to start off by saying that I do not usually read Romance, so if my review comes off as “Wow ignorant much?” I’m really sorry for that. It is a good book and if you like straight up romance then give it a go, you’ll probably enjoy it, but this is new territory for me so… Let’s give this a go!

I love me some southern manners! And Ford has those in spades! Even without his money, title, family, or looks, Ford is an awesome guy who treasures the woman he loves and, sex aside, is a complete gentleman. He’s like a bear; warm and fuzzy until hacked off. He adores his daughter (my favorite character!), is kind to his employees, a good doc who actually takes the time to check in with his patients, and is a family guy. Pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle in one 6’5 package. Oh and did I mention he actually gets his daughter a puppy! Swoon! am I right?
His daughter though, is my favorite character by far. She is a sweet, happy, outgoing little thing that sees (not in a bad way) and understands way more than a six year old should. She understands that her father is lonely, can see that he likes Maya, and is smart enough to pinky swear her way out of trouble with daddy, no one can tell him what little Claire said about his feelings for Maya because promises! Smart kid.
What I liked about Maya, the protagonist, is the heart defect. I have no idea if it is true or not that valve regurgitation is often discovered during pregnancy but it makes sense considering the extra stress on the body and all of the extensive doc appointments. I liked this aspect and thought it was unique way to introduce the couple and cause tension for Maya throughout. Not to mention it nicely ties in with Ford’s mother’s problem and why he hates his dad and half siblings.
And as always, medicine a large component of a story?! Yes! Sign me up!!

Two things bugged me about this book though. Okay, well one thing bugged me and the other was like “Tell him stupid!!!”
When she finds out that baby daddy and fiance are half sibs, I don’t know why she is willing to end the relationship instead of telling Ford the truth. She didn’t know they were related. She didn’t request Ford as a doc. There was absolutely no reason for her to think that Ford would lose it for having a relationship with his halfsie. And if DID freak out, then he is not worth spending the rest of Maya’s life with. She didn’t know! Ford values the truth. The truth is the two relationships have nothing to do with each other. It’s like dating someone in high school then falling in love with his estranged brother ten years later. You don’t know they are related and that is the past, get over it. This might not have bugged me if I read more romance… It actually probably still would have…
No for the thing that really bugged me, and I think this is also a “get over it Neko, it’s a book”, but For is way out of line being friends then extremely intimate with a patient. The Ethics Board would have his head for this. And he stays her doc even after they become engaged! Bad Ford! Bad! I know, I need to suspend my disbelief a bit more but I am seriously anal, and a nurse, and this bugged me.

Overall though it was a pretty good, and quick read. If you like Romance stories with a side of Romance then give this book a go. If you need pirates and dragons, however, you should probably write a story about them because that would be awesome!

Have any of you guys read any of Ms. Scott’s work? Have you read this book? Should I get over myself and just enjoy the Romance? Tell me in the comments!

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