Top Ten Tuesday…


Yay it’s Tuesday! One of our Top Ten Favorite Days!

Top 10 Tuesday, is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Since there are two of us here, we’re going to split this in half. Today’s Tuesday is: Top Ten Authors I’m Dying to Meet! Ooh that is a good one! Let’s see who the lucky authors are!


I could go on and on for this list!  How do you choose!  I’m going to go with what I can think of without looking people up.

  • Mercedes Lackey (Neko started this post but I’m still adding her!)
    • I’ve been reading her books since I was 12 and have loved them since, they have been part of my life growing up and I’d love to hear her story.
  • Patricia Brigs (same as above!)
    • I found her books on a trip that unexpectedly went bad and it was really the intro into the world of urban fantasy for me.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before.
  • J.K. Rowling
    • I assume most people will have her on their list.  Not only because she’s an author many of us grew up with but because she’s such an amazing person.  I mean come on, who didn’t have a little bit of a wish to be a witch or wizard growing up because of her.
  • Ashley Poston
    • I recently read her Geekerella book and honestly I read this book cover to cover including all the extra bits and she just sounds like somebody I could be friends with.  It’s always nice to see that other people are as geeky as you and that it encompassed their lives in similar ways.  I’d love to grab coffee and just get to know her as a person.  🙂
  • Tamora Pierce
    • Another author I grew up reading and would just love to hear how she got started, what drives her to write and where the ideas came from.


  • Patricia Briggs! (Totally Kayla’s fault!)
    • Her Mercyverse has changed my reading life! I have some of her other series now and can’t wait to get started!
  • Mercedes Lackey (Also Kayla’s fault…)
    • Where is my companion? Can a cat be a companion? I could be an elemental and have a cat! Ooh, yes that works!
  • John Connolly
    • He is as twisted as they come! I would love to talk to him about where his ideas come from, he is a genius!
  • Edgar Allan Poe
    • Seriously who wouldn’t want to meet the man? Yeah he had serious mental issues, mom issues, women issues, dude just issues all over the place! I think we would get alone great!
  • The Brother’s Grimm
    • These guys are up there with Poe and Connolly, I love there works and really want to know the men behind the horrors… Dream come true to meet these boys

So who would you guys just die to meet? Have any of you met any authors? Were they awesome? Share in the comments!!


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday…

  1. I feel like J.K. Rowling would be a really easy person to talk to. She seems really down to earth and I think I could actually say hi to her without freaking out too bad. I’d love to meet Stephen King, but I think I’d be more intimidated to meet him.


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