Throwback Thursday Themes…


It’s that time again Pinky, time to reminisce!

Yeah! Throwback Thursday Theme’s theme is brought to you by K-chan! And she chose the impossible Book You Wish Everyone Would Read published before 2015. Where does she come up with this stuff? Never easy themes with K-chan… Geronimoooooooo!


Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1)

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris


This is mainly a wish for anyone who has watched Tru Blood or loves Urban Fantasy type books.  I read this after watching the first season of the TV show and remember thinking “why didn’t they make TV Sookie more like book Sookie?!” I love the personality of her in the book way more than I do the TV show, she’s more authentic and less damsel in distress.  Plus you have Bubba (Elvis!) which added a whole additional layer to the books.





The Bar Code Tattoo (Bar Code, #1)


The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn

This book sounded like the future to me. Forget credit cards, driver’s license, birth certificates, everything. Tattoo someone with a bar code that holds all of their info from the moment of birth until death. Dude, I was a crazy teenager… Anyways, this just sounds like something that could really happen! And before you guys completely question my sanity, no I did not like the psychic junk at the end… That was a cop out. But tracking bad genetics and locking those people out of their resources, sever tracking of movement and spending, big brother is watching and he won’t forget a thing… Creepers… I only read the first book, because there was only one out at the time, didn’t even know it would be a series… But still worth a read if you like dystopian/government conspiracy books ^_^


So what book do you guys wish everyone had read? Share in the comments!

Next week’s theme is: A Good/Honest Movie Adaptation of a Book

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