Shelf Envy…

You Jelly Yet-

Hey all, you guys ready to be jelly?

I have wanted to do a shelf envy post for a while but just wasn’t sure if you guys could really handle the awesomeness I am about to throw your way.

You ready?

You sure?

This is pretty awesome…

Last chance to turn back…




Boom! My bookshelves!

Image result for bookshelf

Supreme am I right?

Yeah, that is from the Kirby Museum… I wish I had such beautiful shelves… Ready for the truth?

Think you can really handle it?











Here goes…


The strangely inverted plug is for scale… I may have like, a dozen books missing from this pic if I am lucky… And yes those are video games on the bottom shelf because I have so few books right now… Yeah know, if anyone needs me I’m gonna be over in the corner crying my eyes out.


So what do your bookshelves look like? Do they hold more than 20 books? Share a pic in the comments and pour salt in Neko’s wound, she likes the pain XD


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