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Hey all!

Neko here with a long awaited Review Request! Yup, I am still doing requests and this one is pretty cool too! And it does contain… Spoilers? How about we just say stuff from the book ^_^ And as always I was provided a free ARC in exchange for an honest review of the material.

Since this book is so different from anything I have thus far reviewed, the format is going to be different too. Yay something new!

Title: Mastering Your Career Journey

Genre: Self-Help, Resume and Interview Techniques

Author: Multiple

Grade: 4/5 paws

Synopsis: 11 professionals answer questions about interviewing, resumes, and succeeding in any business setting.

My thoughts: First off, the book’s website is MasteringYourCareerJourney  and you can pre-order a copy from there. And no I am not getting any money from their book sales, you just can’t get a copy on amazon or info on Goodreads so I thought I would put it here should anyone be interested.

Now down to the nitty-gritty! I really enjoyed this book. Strange I know considering it doesn’t even have dragons or ninja, but still it was good and a pretty quick read with only 150 odd pages. Do yourself a favor and indulge for the two or three hours it will take to read if you are in need of help with resume writing, interviewing, or climbing the corporate ladder.  What I liked the most was that each author really had their own voice. The authors are all separate people and answer their questions in their own voice. You really get a feel for the writers, they sound like people you could have a conversation with; real, intelligent, knowledgeable, and sometimes amusing. They also have a lot of really good tips, so if you do snag a copy I would suggest pulling up Word and taking notes, I know I certainly did! For instance:

  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer
  • Thank you note/email following day at latest
  • Confident handshake and heartfelt thank you after interview
  • Confidence
  • Come up with experiences that relate to each skill listed
  • Boolean searches (keyword searches)
  • Incorporate skills that have nothing to do with this job in a way that they fit with this job (i.e. Dog trainer, good communication skills, patience, confident in teaching patients in ways that they will understand/remember, etc)/transferable skills
  • Professionalism

And before anyone says “Wow Cat, you didn’t know to be professional?” there are some things talked about that most people should already know, like the professionalism, however not everyone does. But the authors also talk about some pretty important things, like the Boolean searches, that most individuals have never heard of. Luckily I know about those too, my mom has been an office manager and what not so there wasn’t too much talked about that I hadn’t at least heard of. ^_^ Another interesting thing about this book is how you can see what important things are across the board. One of the authors has primarily worked with the government, so her answers are related to finding government jobs, but she talks about the importance of an excellent resume and cover letter just the same as the other ten participants. Now if you aren’t looking for a gov’t job her section might not be that important but, like I just showed you, she still has good information that will help in other areas of employment.

Some of the questions asked may also not pertain to you specifically, like how to climb the corporate ladder, but they are still worth the quick read. Maybe you aren’t interested in a higher title, that’s fine but a lot of the information presented in the answers to that question could also help you in asking for a raise while maintaining your current job title.

Finally, the one big issue I have with this book is when you get to the section of questions answered by the Astrid Career Coach group. It just reads as a big plug for their company to the extent that they don’t even answer the given questions several times. If you want to mention your company as a resource, that is great but don’t shove it down our throats and list the name at every available chance; remember kids, pronouns are your friend.

Overall, it was an excellent source of information and a book that would be handy to keep on your shelf next to the MLA writing guide to be brought out when you do need a bit of help polishing your resume, asking for a raise, or are looking for a new career path.

Wow, that is the longest review I have written so far! And I really only touched the very tip of the iceberg with this one! Lots of good info guys, check the book out!



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