Monday’s Musings…


Hidelyho Neighborinos!

Another one of Neko’s famous Monday’s Musings! Yay! And today I am musing about music… But not just any music, oh no siry no. I am musing about music to listen to while reading!

Last week K-chan and I posted the Top Ten Favorite Places To Read. And while reading, especially in comfort, is a big part of my life right now silence is an even bigger part.

I hate it. I hate silence. It makes me super uncomfortable! To combat my sedatephobia I have to have something, even a fan, to make white noise. My preference however is music! Too many years as a musician/band geek I guess ^_^

So here is my question: do you guys listen to something particular? Does your choice follow the theme of the book you are reading or is it just whatever you like at the moment?

Me? I’m listening to BabyMetal. Yeah BabyMetal! Or metal/rock in general. It seems like the older I get the harder I like my music, but I digress. For me it is mostly what I am into at the moment. But I seem to read a pretty limited group of genres, no sweet love stories to go alone with my metal.

So what about you guys; do you listen to love songs when reading romance? Something upbeat to counter the tearjerker you opened up? Does the didgeridoo assist you through that self help book? Night On Bald Mountain to amp up your thriller?

Do you even listen to anything when you read? How many people need a nice quiet place to better enjoy their novel? Does location have an effect on if/what you listen to?

Tell me!! Share you bands, songs, and need for silence in the comments!

Until next time!


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