Monday Musings…


Welcome those with a lovely bunch of coconuts and those without as well!

Yup you are once again falling victim to Neko and her musings. I just need some coffee or a shower. That seems to be when people muse the most. Neko she muses… Usually when she is suppose to be sleeping or doing something important. Anyways! Onto the musings!

So after our highly controversial post yesterday Neko has had an epiphany!

I am a highly contrariwise person, if you guys haven’t figured that out yet, ’tis true! You all have opened my eyes or else brought out the devil’s advocate in me… I am going to read those blasted books! That is my epiphany!

My March TBR is all about the hated books. Granted, not all of Kylana’s books were on my “never no way not ever” list.

I really enjoyed the movie The Martian and actually had Gone Girl in  my hands to buy but GoodReads reviews had me putting it back, several books actually… Hmmm…

So here is my musings to yousings:

What books have you guys absolutely refused to read? And is there a particular reason behind not reading them or are you just a hater like me XD?

List the titles or authors you absolutely will not read! Neko will read them for you, yup March Madness will be a thing, a real thing! Yessss come to the dark side and give Neko your hate!!

No seriously, leave a comment with something you absolutely will not read, any genre, author, etc. and I will read it next month if I can get my hands on it, and I will try very hard to!

Give Neko some love er hate! Leave those book titles!!

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. I don’t want to touch “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” with a 10 foot pole- because it just sounds like the most stressful read in the world. Actually, pretty much any self-help book causes me to panic.
    I sometimes check out parenting books and then flip open to a random page and realize that the book is just going to make me feel like a crappy mom- and then it just sits on my shelf taunting me.


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