How I Fund my Book Buying Addiction


Hey Fellow Book Nerds!

I’m always curious how people fund their book buying or other habits, if it’s something they just use extra money from a job or if other things are being done so I thought I’d share a little about that for myself.

So I recently started a new job, however, I’m trying to save up more in my emergency fund so I decided I’d start looking into alternative ways to make money.  At one point I tried Lyft but found it took me into areas of the local city that made me nervous to drive in.

Then I found this wonderful website called Rover. For me it’s perfect, I love animals and typically get requests to overnight sit or stop in for cats or dogs.  A friend of mine actually had one that involved chickens.  What’s even better is I was able to make notes that I won’t work in certain cities nearby because it’s just not worth the traffic from work.  At this point I probably do one gig a month, typically a weekend and that seems to make me feel less guilty about buying my books or subscription boxes or whatever else and I no longer take on new clients.

If you like animals I highly suggest it, the company has been great every time I’ve spoken with them and I’ve yet to have a bad experience with a client (but as they say on their website please take precautions, whenever I’m meeting somebody for the first time I make sure to let 2 people know with the address and I’ll text them before and after my meeting).

If you do sign up please use my link!  I get a gift card from Amazon after your first gig if it’s within 90 days (which further feeds my book buying addiction). If you are somebody who actually needs to hire somebody and wants to use Rover to hire a sitter let me know and I can see about getting you a promo code for a discounted rate.

What do you do to fund your book buying addiction? I’m always looking for more things to add to my list to try out!


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