Throwback Thursday Themes


Hey Book Nerds!

Neko chose this weeks theme and admittedly my issue was deciding on just one! The theme is favorite book you were required to read in high school or earlier. 


Sophie's World

This time I’m going with Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder.  I had to read this the summer between 9th and 10th grade and I remember enjoying it greatly.  It was a book I literally took all summer to read, mainly because it’s heavy on philosophy and I wanted time to think about everything I was reading.

I’ve been really tempted to re-read this book now to see how I’d feel about it but I don’t think I will, I have such fond memories of this book and coming back to school in fall and having hours of discussions with my teacher after classes that I don’t think I want to contribute anything else.

Johnny Tremain

I was checking a historical fiction book list and bam! Johhny Tremain by Esther Forbes jumped out at me! This was actually the first required reading I ever had in school (I was homeschooled up to seventh grade). Eighth grade Language Arts and Social Studies was also the first class I had with K-Chan! Mr. Rumbaugh was our teacher and he was always going on about “the claw! The claw!” after poor Johnny burned his hand. I loved the book, especially the part where the fix his hand so he can join in the fighting! It’s a great read and a different view of the Revolutionary war. Go check it out!

So what book was your favorite required read in high school or earlier and why? Next week’s theme will be a popular book that you read but didn’t like/agree with popular opinion. 

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