Waiting on Wednesday…


Welcome one and all!

Once again, we are Waiting on Wednesday with our friend Breaking the Spine. So let’s get started!


Happily Ever After (Cinder & Ella, #2)

I am beyond excited for this book!  I read the first a few months ago and it’s one I highly recommend.  While the first book ended at a great spot and I’m completely satisfied where it left off, I’ll never complain about getting more.  This is one of the more unique Cinderella retellings that I’ve found and I recently heard out that she is releasing a second on Valentine’s day.  I plan on reading this pretty book day of, if it’s released on time.

I really wish I could pre-order this book.




We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays

So this tittle is a little something different from me, but I promise I really am waiting for this book while doing the Snoopy dance! I’m waiting on We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby which is schedule for May 30th, 2017. Essays are so much fun to read, and write for that matter, and her synopsis has me rolling. Irby sounds like David Sedaris; introspective, emotional, and mostly hilarious. Not much else to say, I’ve never read anything else by this author but that will probably change if this book is as good as it sounds! Plus angry, wet kitty on the cover, who doesn’t love an angry, wet kitty?


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