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Wazzup Pussycats?

Must be Neko right? Anyways… I’m musing on giveaways today and am curious for your thoughts and input!

I won my first ever book the other day, actually, I think it is the only thing I have ever won… It’s a new Mercy Kilpatrick novel by Kendra Elliot, that review will be coming in the next few days lucky readers. I was one of the few chosen on Goodreads to receive a free ebook copy, with the hopes that the winners would leave reviews in return.

I guess my first question is how do you tell someone the truth? I’m polite and respectful and really don’t like hurting peoples’s feelings… I want to be honest in my reviews, but how do you tell a published author they need to invest in a thesaurus and a shell out for an editor or at least a better one? I feel weird telling an adult with over a dozen books under her belt she needs a bigger vocabulary…

Second question, should the review focus more on content? Is it appropriate to talk about being wordy in a review? Should I tag the author in the review? What do I do if I don’t like the book? Okay so that was more than a “second question”…

Kylana help me out here!

Kylana: I guess my thoughts on this personally is we should be approaching this honestly but also being kind.  I know I’d personally hate for somebody to look at my writing and say things harshly, however, I wouldn’t mind feedback.  Also, I feel like while some people enjoy a wide vocabulary but others may actually prefer the simplicity that some authors have.  I know sometimes something extremely verbose actually prevents me from enjoying the book. I personally don’t review on vocab unless it’s something I struggle to read in which that would be my end comment.

I do also feel if I’m going to point out what I don’t like, if I finished it, I better have a few good things to say as well.  We all take things better when it’s not all bad, right?

Just my two cents……

What are your thoughts on reviews? What do you prefer to see, either as an author or reader?

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings…

  1. Congrats on winning a free eBook! I think part of the point of these giveaways is to receive feedback and create buzz. Personally, I think honesty is the best policy whenever you are critiquing something. As a writer myself, I would want to know what people honestly thought of my work. I’d want to hear what they liked (if they liked anything at all lol) and what they didn’t like. Sure negative reviews will hurt my feelings, but it will also make me a better writer.

    If the simplistic vocabulary really bugged you and took you out of the story, you should say it in your review. Your review should focus on whatever you want it to focus on. There’s no right or wrong way. If you didn’t like the book, you should say you didn’t like the book. I’d want someone to tell me what worked and what didn’t work. If nothing worked, than say that?

    Hoped that helped! Sorry for my mini rant haha.


    • Thank you so much! Those were my thoughts too, I’ve taken a ton of writing classes, but never reviewed a “professional”. Thank you for the honesty! And thank you for commenting!

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  2. I’d be as honest as possible! The whole point is to create a good readership and if an avid bookworm like yourself thinks it needs improvement then the chances are so will the rest of the people who read it!


    • Thank you for this. I guess my problem is that I have dealt with professionals who get angry when a laymen offers criticism, even constructive criticism. But you are right, it is done to help someone improve, which hopefully makes them more successful.

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