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Hey oh Bookish Bees!

Neko has spent the last few days blitzing through books and being antisocial as always! That means you get another of her wonderful book reviews! Exciting isn’t it?


Coombe's Wood

Title: Coombe’s Wood

Author: Lisa C. Hinsley

Published: 2009/10/19

Pages: 209

Version: Kindle

Started: 2017/01/18

Finished: 2017/01/19

Rating: Image result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw print

Synopsis: Izzy Santana and her 13-year-old son Connor move into a Reading Council-provided flat in the sleepy village of Cedham. Locals darkly warn her to stay away from nearby Coombe’s Wood, hinting first at elves, then at multiple murders… which may or may not have taken place in the woods hundreds of years ago. It’s all ludicrously superstitious, and Izzy is so delighted to have found a haven for her son – after being threatened by her sadistic ex-partner George – that she takes little notice.

She meets a neighbour who seems kindly, if a trifle fey, and who takes a great interest in her son. Connor seems instantly comfortable with him. She begins to feel as if she is also falling under his spell. But Connor is bullied at school, and one night she finds herself tracking those bullies in the wood, where she believes they are waiting for him. She doesn’t find them, but something closes in on her – something that sounds like a savage animal. As she runs she realises she may have been set up – or Connor was – to be caught by whatever the animal was. She strengthens the barricades in her flat, no longer puts all the local tales about ‘danger in them woods’ down to superstition, and even begins to wonder about the way she was selected by the Reading Council officer to live in the village in the first place.

Then a slit rabbit turns up on her doorstep, along with a distinctive cigarette butt, and she knows George has found her. Desperately compassionate, her neighbour calls the police, who turn up next day, harumph the ceiling, and take the attitude: You’ve not been attacked, then, Miss? You haven’t actually seen him? Why, if your ex-lover has tracked you down, do you suppose he would he dump a rabbit at your door…? Her own question, more urgent, is: if George can get in the front door of the building, can he get into her flat?

What Izzy needs to do is protect Connor. She has already started to uncover the ancient secrets of the village, and now she works out the perfect way to get rid of George… for good.

My Thoughts: That is a heck of a long synopsis! Interesting read, but the magic thrown in near the end just seemed so… “Whoops, forgot to add that in earlier haha”. The characters were well fleshed out, I felt but Izzy was annoying beyond belief. She tries to be a good, responsible mother, then gets drunk or high or wanders out into woods that she is told repeatedly are dangerous… If the entire bloody town says to stay out of the woods, I’m probably going to listen, just saying. Izzy however, ignores and/or lies to everyone because she knows best after moving to a microscopic town that she has never even heard of! This entire book could have been avoided if she had just used an ounce of intelligence!! And the elves with their fast walking… Why? What was the point of this? She could have just run around in the woods on her own and gotten her ex killed that way too… Also our Bear/Dog hybrid thingy was pretty useless; Izzy offers up long pig on a platter and our creature takes his own sweet time meandering over to all the noise, but if she just looks out her window BAM! he is there watching her from the woods. And isn’t the evil thing not suppose to come out if more than one person is present?  Just so much why! Overall it was interesting and I might try another book by the author, Bubonic Plague for the Win!, but… Only time will tell…


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