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Today’s review was a quick read! I blew through it and really enjoyed the book overall. I had absolutely no idea what this title was about; I grabbed it off the Kindle Top 100 Free list, it was  either medicine and a crime or mystery so I grabbed it, not to mention it was free so why not? With that said, let’s get to the review!

Code Blue (Prescription for Trouble, #1)

Title: Code Blue, Prescription for Trouble #1

Author: Richard L. Mabry, M.D.

Published: 2009/12/01

Pages: 283

Version: Kindle

Started: 2017/01/18

Finished: 2017/01/18

Rating: Image result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw printImage result for paw print

Synopsis: In the first book of the Prescription for Trouble series, “Code Blue” means more to Dr. Cathy Sewell than the cardiac emergency she has to face. It describes her mental state as she finds that coming back to her hometown hasn’t brought her the peace she so desperately needs. Instead, it’s clear that someone there wants her gone…or dead.
Cathy returns to her hometown seeking healing after a broken relationship, but discovers that among her friends and acquaintances is someone who wants her out of town…or dead. Lawyer Will Kennedy, her high school sweetheart, offers help, but does it carry a price tag? Is hospital chief of staff Dr. Marcus Bell really on her side in her fight to get hospital privileges? Is Will’s father, Pastor Matthew Kennedy, interested in advising her or just trying to get her back to the church she left years ago? When one of Cathy’s prescriptions almost kills the town banker, it sets the stage for a malpractice suit that could end her time in town, if not her career. It’s soon clear that this return home was a prescription for trouble.

My Thoughts: Firstly, I was surprised to see the genre tags for this book. I figured it would be a mystery, but the Christian and Romance tags were a pleasant surprise. The romance is cute and incredibly old fashioned, like Neko is, where the guy holds the door, is respectful, brings flowers, and no blatant adult themes ever. At first the Christian tag seemed like it had been thrown in as an after thought, but it eventually feels like part of the work and fits nicely. Also the medical aspect is fun, considering I am a new nurse, it’s nice to see my education put to good use! Yeah! Cardio convert him again! Anyways, with the author being an actual doctor the scenes involving injury and medicine are believable, the heroine acts like you would expect a doctor to when forced to be a patient, she also has to force herself to remember that each patient is a person not a number, and the struggles and fears she faces as a new practitioner, not to mention business owner, are something most people can relate to if they have ever lived on a tight budget/paycheck to paycheck. Overall, I loved this book and am eagerly looking into getting my hands on more of Dr. Mabry’s books.


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