Down The TBR Hole


Today we bring you Lost in a Story’s meme Down the TBR Hole! Where you bring up your Goodreads list, order your books in ascending by date added, then decide if you are keeping or dropping the first five listed based on their description!


Kiss of Fire (Dragonfire, #1)  The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything Rejected Princesses: Tales of History's Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics Lost Girl (The Neverwood Chronicles, #1) Shadow Born (Shadows of Salem #1)

  1. Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke – I actually started this book and put it down with the intention of picking it back up. It’s been a while so I’m going to drop this.
  2. The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey – Another book I started and put back down. This one I do have the intention of finishing so it’s a keeper.
  3. Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath – I love the idea of the book but I don’t think I’ll pick this up anytime soon.  Dropped.
  4. Lost Girl by Chanda Hahn –  This one still sounds like a lot of fun.  I’m keeping this.
  5. Shadow Born by Jasmine Walt – I posted earlier this week that I recently read another series of hers and really enjoyed it.  Obviously, I can’t drop this one.  I hope this one is as good or better. Keep.

Total Dropped 2 out of 5. 


Blood Price (Vicki Nelson, #1)Running with the Demon (Word & Void, #1)Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (Millennial Contest, #1)The Last of the Really Great WhangdoodlesSuldrun's Garden (Lyonesse, #1)

  1. Blood Price by Tanya Huff – The illegitimate offspring of Henry VIII is in this book which automatically means I have to read it. For reals, I am that sad of a person. Also I’ve never read paranormal to my knowledge so branching out for the win! Keep
  2. Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks – Brooks is another author I have never gotten around to reading though I really want to. Sounds interesting enough, and I do want to give him a try so… Keep
  3. Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming by Roger Zelany and Robert Sheckley – This got terrible reviews! So for the sake of culling at least one book… Off with its head
  4. The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews Edwards – I have no idea how a kids book got onto my list… It sounds really cute but I have a lot of reading to do so… Off with its head
  5. Suldrun’s Garden by Jack Vance – This sounds awesome! And has a bit of everything in it fantasy wise so I am going to give it a go! Keep

Total Dropped: 2 out of 5

So what titles are you willing to cull from your TBR?


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