TBT: New Beginnings


Yoho pirate fiends!

We here at Books, Boxes, and Baubles enjoy our memes, and throwbacks seem to be pretty popular. So we decided we’d like to take a book spin on “Throwback Thursday”! Each week will have a diferent theme/idea.  Join us in our endeavor by sharing a link to your TTT post in the comments and let’s share some oldies!  At the end of the post, we’ll also announce what we’ll be talking about next week!

I did some hunting and wasn’t able to find this but if you know of a meme that alredy exits please let us know.

In honor of January, today’s theme is…New Beginnings! Either a character in a book going through it or a book that you read during a turning point where you felt you were at a new start. 

Kylana: The Hobbit

For this I’m going to pick the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, because I believe it’s a great story about a new beginning.  It’s a classic, and I’ve re-read this several times throughout my life and enjoyed it every time.  The story of Bilbo who has adventure and life thrust upon him and it changed his life.  I don’t really have much more to say then that except for anyone who has watched the movies and may have been a little put off by them, I’d say to give the book a chance, I know quite a few people (myself not included) who weren’t able to get into the Lord of the Ring’s Trilogy who actually enjoyed this book quite a bit.


Exiles Honor by Mercedes Lackey. I absolutely love Alberich! He was my favorite character back when Kylana got me hooked on this awesome writer way back when. Prickly and standoffish, he is warm, caring, and loyal to those who take the time to peel away his facade and find the man underneath. He was an amazing captain for the enemy and is now a boon to the Heralds of Valdemar. If you haven’t read his story yet get to it! But how does his story resemble new beginnings? He was a Karsite officer before his people renounced him for having witchy powers. Left to die in a burning building, Alberich is rescued by one of Valdemar’s white demons, and whisked away to become the new weapon’s master and herald of his former enemies. He goes from distrusted foreigner to fighting beside Valdemar’s king in a war against his former homeland. His new beginning is the true start of his life and gives Alberich the meaning he has long searched for.

So what are you favorite books about new beginnings?

Next weeks theme is a book(s) (as long as it’s part of a set!) you read whenever you need to get out of a reading slump. 

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