10 Popular Author’s We’ve Never Read


Hey Everyone!

Today we thought we’d talk about authors we’ve never read for whatever reason.  We’ll both list 5 and explain the reasons behind it.


  • Stephen King – I’ve heard great things about his books but I’ve yet to pick one up. Honestly, I don’t know if I ever will.  I’ve just not got the urge to do so.
  • Cassandra Claire – I’ve got quite a few of her books on my TBR but I’ve yet to buy or read any of them.  I don’t even know where to start at this point.
  • Diana Gabaldon – I’ve heard nothing but positive things for the Outlander series but I’ve not picked it up yet.  I’m so-so on this one and can see myself reading her books but not sure when.
  • George R. R. Martin – This author I know I’ll read at least the first book, just to see if his books are worth all the hype.  I’ll make this a 2017 goal to get through the first book.
  • Nicholas Sparks – I’ve got zero interest in this author, I’ve actually never watched any of the movies either.  I may one day kick myself for it but right now I’m okay with that.


  • Tamora Pierce – I’m not sure why I’ve never read anything by her, I love fantasy so I will have to make it a goal this year to grab something fro her stacks.
  • George R.R. Martin – Honestly, I refuse to read popular authors/books because I have found them to be over-hyped with no substance. Sorry George, but you will be staying on the shelves for me.
  • Dean Koontz – Another author that I’m not sure why I haven’t tried out other than suspense/thriller/horror is kind of a new addition to my repertoire.
  • Kurt Vonnegut – This mistake will be rectified! As soon as I finish my TBR for this month! Bring it!
  • Anne McCaffrey – Her books never sound interesting to me! Am I the only one? I just never feel it and always put her works back…


So who have you never read?


9 thoughts on “10 Popular Author’s We’ve Never Read

  1. I’ve never read Koontz either. I’d like to though but am not sure I will. I’ve read 2 King books and liked 1. He seems worth a try. And I highly recommend George RR Martin, at least the Game of Thrones book. It’s awesome.
    Tamora Pierce is good. I like her series n I’d love to try Outlander too cause of all I’ve heard.
    Niel Gaiman n Terry Pratchett are two authors I’d love to try this year.

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  2. I’ve never read Nicholas Sparks or Cassandra Clare either (or wanted to!) Nicholas Sparks’s books/movies just all seem the same to me, and Cassie Clare’s books, though they seem cool, seem a little bit creepy (people fighting demons and shadows? sounds a little bit weird). I actually just posted a review on my blog about a book I recently read, Code Name Verity, I’d love it if you guys checked it out!


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