Funsy Friday!…


Hey All!

So today we just wanted to share all the fun stuff we have been doing in the nearly two weeks since Books, Boxes, and Baubles began!


I’m exploring the wonderful world of Instagram.  It’s a new area for me and I’m enjoying the challenge.  You can find a link on our main page but here is a link.

This has been fun so far! I’ve met some amazing people, I’ve got plans for a buddy read with another blogger (more to come later) and I look forward to the many more people I’ll meet, other buddy reads I hope to do and unexpected book discoveries.


I have been given the all important task of manning our new twitter account! Yay responsibility! Always a dangerous thing in my hands but I digress…

Our twitter is BooksBoxesandBaubl (don’t give you many characters do they?)

On Twitter I let you know what we are talking about that day, but I am also going to ask questions! Let’s get the creative blood flowing! Let us know what you think! What you like, what we can improve on, what to read, authors to check out, what you are reading, other blogs to check out, giveaways, what you got in your boxes this month, the shape of your cats hairball from last night, anything!

We are in it for the long haul but feedback is always helpful, instructive criticism or just plain criticism! We can take it! (Or at least Kylana can… >_> )

We have 19 followers so share the love! Check out our Twitter and Instagram and let us hear from you.

Question Time: Leave us a comment with your answers! And questions of your own! We respond to all comments so get out there and talk to us, Kylana doesn’t bite and Neko has all her shots!

  1. We asked on Twitter for help choosing some new books!
    1. Kylana: Feel free to  help me add to my neverending TBR list.  If you know of any books you think I should push to the top of my pile let me know.
    2. Neko: I’m almost done with my TBR for January and would love to know what you have enjoyed reading lately, help me branch out and find new authors and titles!
  2. What is your favorite meme?
    1. Kylana: Unknown.  I enjoy them all, especially when I can see others doing similar posts :).
    2. Neko: I think Shelf Control is mine so far, but I completely failed at it… Such a book hoarder even if they are digital…
  3. Favorite Author? 
    1. Kylana: Mercedes Lackey or Patricia Briggs
    2. Neko: Probably Mercedes Lackey (Thanks to K-chan) or Laurien Gardner (Lady Raised High! Phenomenal book!)
  4. Favorite Title? 
    1. Kylana: Ugh! Don’t ask me this.  Last year my favorite book read was probably Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
      by Susan Cain. It’s a nonfiction but I found it extremely eye opening. I finished this book and have been trying to get people to read it since. Especially my extremely extroverted coworkers, family and friends.
    2. Neko: Lady of the Forest by Jennifer Robinson, we have the full cast of characters, Marian is feisty, and our hero is Robert of Locksley freshly returned from the crusades with all the PTSD that entails. Love this book and keep coming back to it!

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