Review: Deja Dead (Temperance Brennan #1) by Kathy Reichs

Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan, #1)

Title: Deja Dead (Temperance Brennan #1)
Author: Kathy Reichs                                                                           Published: 1997
Pages: 532                                                                                                   Version: Audible
Started: 2017/01/04                                                                                 Finished: 2017/01/08                                                                                Rating: 4/5
Goodreads Synopsis: Her life is devoted to justice; for those she never even knew. In the year since Temperance Brennan left behind a shaky marriage in North Carolina, work has often preempted her weekend plans to explore Quebec. When a female corpse is discovered meticulously dismembered and stashed in trash bags, Temperance detects an alarming pattern and she plunges into a harrowing search for a killer. But her investigation is about to place those closest to her, her best friend and her own daughter in mortal danger…

My Thoughts: Downside of listening to a book that takes place in the 90’s, I kept finding myself thinking “Call _____ you idiot!” forgetting that it wasn’t possible.  I originally got this book several years ago and purged it from my closet only to rebuy it as an audible.   This book came up on my Clean Sweep Challenge on Goodreads for this week.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to make this work but lots of driving and cleaning helped a ton.

Overall I found this book a lot more enjoyable than I expected.  It’s not a genre I typically read and I picked it up because of the TV show Bones.  Surprisingly the book and TV show are extremely different.  Where Brennan in the TV show is extremely logical and struggle to understand relationships, in the book she is a divorcee with a daughter in college and recovering alcoholic.  I actually prefer this because I was able to enjoy the book without constantly comparing the two.

The story was easy to stay engaged with but fairly fast paced even though this is over 500 pages.  I found the few times I was involved in doing anything that took thought I had to rewind the story to pick up where I last remembered because enough happened that I was lost.

The fact that Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist in real life greatly contributed to the realism of the story, and she was smart in her choices on when to explain things in more detail to help me understand how things work (like being able to look at the impression in bone to determine what kind of saw is used) without it slogging down the book.

The recording was also well done, the narrator took the time to make each character easy to distinguish and didn’t seem to struggle at all with the vocabulary or french.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read/listen and I’ve added the second book to my TBR for the future.


If you’ve read this book what did you think?


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