Introduction Mondays…

Yoho fellow bookies!

We’ve seen variations on this meme on different blogs and decided to try it out ourselves! So without further ado… The bit of the book/s we are reading!


Revolution (The Revelation, #4)Revolution (Revelation Book #4) by Randi Cooley Wilson

“FROM DARKNESS, COMES LIGHT. I whisper the assertion in my head, over and over again, as a form of reassurance. Distracted eyes take in my surroundings, seeking out a focal point of luminosity. Nightfall shrouds the ill-omened forest I’m standing barefoot in.”

I stumbled on this series in December.  It’s a new adult paranormal fantasy. There are gargoyles and angels in this book as main characters, neither of which I’ve experienced before. Just one book after this and the series is done.   I’m about 33% of this book and I’m just curious enough on how things are going to play out to keep reading.

Here is a link to the first book for those interested.  The first book is free for kindle.


The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance The Bastard Hand

“My Apocalypse began without the fanfare you might expect. No trumpet-blaring angels, no Horsemen riding out of the sky split asunder, no seas turning to blood… Nothing like that.”

I don’t usually read multiple books at a time but after the first sentence, I am hooked! Going to have to double up on Heartless with this bad boy! This book has been sitting in my kindle for years and made its way onto my reading list this month because I decided to go in alphabetical order on my device to start cleaning it up. I haven’t read that much horror/suspense/mystery but I’m finding myself drawn more and more to that genre the older I get. I am however, still a fraidy cat, so we shall see how many nights this book keeps me up!

How are your books going? Share how they started and get us hooked too!

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