Thoughtful Thursday…

Yoho everyone!

Today I want to focus a bit more on the technical aspect of literature, or in layman’s terms “what is kinda bugging Neko (i.e. pet peeve) about the book she is currently reading”.

Words have power, words have meaning, and words should not be repeated in the same sentence. A man walked up to the wall, turned his back on the wall, then slid down the wall. We get it, he is close to a wall. Defining characteristics of the wall aside (at this point it’s more of a main character then the silly man!), I was taught to befriend my thesaurus when words starting reappearing, or proof read better to omit the unnecessary.

Maybe I just need to chillax a bit more in life (understatement of the century) but this is really distracting to me when I read, to the point of putting a book in the “not even good enough to be donated” pile. On the flip side using every variation of a word including those no longer in use since the 16th century is also frustrating because now I have to look them all up just to understand the writing…

I like words to sweep me off my feet and into their world, paint pictures and evoke emotions. Maybe I am just reading the wrong books but I feel like words are no longer as important to authors as they use to be…

Neko rant aside…

Help a blossoming writer out, what makes or breaks a good book for you?

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